I still can see and hear and smelll

I still can see and hear and smelll
Although I don’t know whether
Her magic old-time door-bell
Will call me once to get together.

I don’t know what for, why
We have been so long separated
And cannot finally ally.
There wasn’t anything that aided.

I don’t know where and when
I kiss her tenderly and hotly,
And cooddle her joyously again
And vocalize my feelings baldly.

And I don’t know whether she
Still loves like formerly as truly.
She was addicted erst to me
Like to the cradle – the tired coolie.

What happened later? I don’t know.
We are since years separated.
Once winter rain once summer snow –
There wasn’t anything that aided…

Респект уже

Респект уже хотя бы за владение английским =)