Librarian Corie

O, hello! I am sorry!
I am well, don’t worry.
I am thinking of Corie
Which is queen of my mind.
The librarian Corie
Is the star of the storey,
Is the best apriory,
She is pretty and kind.

I wiil tell you a story
Of rhe prettiest Corie.
What a wonderful story,
Which is tender and bright.
The librarian Corie
Is a part of my glory.
The librarian Corie
Is the brand of my night.

If you leave me, my Corie,
So my heart will be gory
Like a parrot, a lory
Will I crying repeat:
My librarian Corie,
My librarian Corie,
My librarian Corie,
Be with me for a bit!

Прекрасная вещь!

Обаятельная, простая и позитивная вещица. Очень понравилась. Написана здорово!

The poem is good
Таких мало тут
The story of love
Без множества глав
I lake such poem
Понятная всем

P. S. Was my "review" helpful to you? :)
Всё на свете субъективно
Потому и жить противно. (Шутю)