Never ever gonna give You up

Never ever gonna give You up
Never ever put that thing away
I'll remember every flat and sharp
Of a melody You used to play

Words I told you were oracular
So get ready to reload Your love
Will You lash or come into my arms?
I've been waiting for You long enough

Waiting patiently without a hope
Without any action by Your side
With my neck in tightest violet rope
I was choking but I couldn't die

Now Your voice is so lascivious
It's like velvet on my tortured soul
There's no subsequent and previous
All I see is my the only goal

If my love is not a laughing stock
Come to me just for the shortest while
Let me fall down from a steady rock
If I cannot seem to make You mine

You're a sinner but a splendid one
With the sacred flesh and holy name
When I feel Your fingers close around
I am able to be born again

Never ever gonna give You up
Better give myself to burn in fire...
Please, remember every flat and sharp
In a melody of my desire!

Дозен Бэйкерс

Я все таки не могу понять, это песни, или это ты проклятия на этот сайт наносишь!!!!)))))))ахаххахахаххаха