Песня о гордой девушке

All water in the world
Are rivers, lakes and seas
And bitter, salty, cold
My tears…
I cried because of you -
You have forgotten me,
I promise to tell true,

I know that I told you these words,
Nevertheless, I know that I’m proud,
But you don’t a prince on white horse.
Sky of love again full of clouds.

I opened the door,
I know, it waits me now,
I will find best way for
My love…
I lived without you,
And I will always live,
I promised to tell true,

I always wanted to be free,
I tried and I have come to aim,
When I loved you, I could believe
That our meeting was my fame.
Your love to me was a mistake,
And you killed her without knife,
Then I decided to don’t you take
To future life. To happy life.