Stay away from me
Keep the distance safe
Why do i lose my head
On the line of the night and day
I don’t need any other lair
Cause i set a trap next door
And i beg that you show me the way
I’m to tired to settle the score

Exhaustion is always flawless
So is weakness, you’re always free
Don’t be scared to live forever
Cause you won’t, so just let it be
Get the trash out of every corner
Throw away all the things to forget
If you’re lucky you’d feel like a lover
Starting over’s like pressing “Reset”

Please no more
Nothing hurts
Night is young
Day is old
If you stay
Just be quiet
Medicine s fine!!

i have a prescription
so I’ll never die
your life’s just a fiction
your doctor such a liar
i have a prescription
But I cannot understand
what s more important
- every road has an end


Классно. Неужели это навеяно чтением инструкции к применению? Мне понравилось.


русский вариант этой песни называется РЕЦЕПТ. он тоже выложен здесь. почитай.