Something else to do to die

I'm walking along the street
And nothing let me down,
Cause nothing can make me feel worth now.
I don't know why...
Maybe I should try to cry
something else to do to die.
Maybe I'm getting higher
Above this stupid world.
But God are you really laughing
Instead doing the rain near the heart?
Yes,I saved some mind
But don't you want to make exchange?
Well...anyway this talk is cheap
And I completely don't care
About what they said & say
Cause I prefer me do my wishes.
There is one good benefit-
One simply bad man,
And I realise that he is alive,
And I realise that I'm not full of pain,
The reason is my lucky star:
It's shining bright for me
And I'm glad enough to see
This perfect light.
I mean it's quite sensible
To lose yourself and find again.
And think.And shout.And fall.And stand up.
And need power.And make an attempt again.
And do from start again,again,again.
While I'm still walking and proving myself
That there is a will to survive.