Ti aspetto

"Ti aspetto" -
All I'm able to say in that language.
"Non regretto..."
Waiter, please, one espresso and sandwich!
Many people
Wanna hold Your hand like I'm holding...
Wait a little!
You are all I've been ever wanting.
Drink your coffee,
That is going to become colder.
Noble profile
Tells that You are not much too older.
Come to me now!
I am ready to give You feeling,
'cause You need now
Such a kinda sweet soul healing.
If Your baby
Is not going to hate me badly,
I can love him,
Even deal with Your ex-wife gladly.
Please, no spirits!
I will order a glass of cool water.
Look, my feelings
Day by day are becoming hotter.

When the night came
To the little and cosy cafe,
I'd be waiting
For three special words You could say.

Дозен Бэйкерс

Не ну ты какая то странная, раз уж выкладываешь песни ты б хоть с переводом на русский, ато так то не интересно)))))))