я сдал это преподавательнице-англичанке на первом курсе

Задание: Посмотреть в словаре phrasal verbs with "take". Составить предложения с теми, которых не знал раньше.

1. Take about someone who can use a camera in this town.
2. The old man had no friends; Haron alone took him across a river for no fee.
3. Young children tend to take against doctors and large predators.
4. Your love does not look magnificent if you've had it taken apart like a clock.
5. My first play script has been taken apart by a fireman.
6. An empty well from inside takes me back to my childhood.
7. Take all the baloons below: the ship is sinking!
8. Does this grenade take down easily?
9. We won't be watching TV tonight because treasure hunters have taken down the transformer station in the yard.
10. I was taken for some of my verses by a XIX century classic.
11. The ship took its name from a well-known iron manufacturer company.
12. In the dark, I take it from the spikes that there should be roses.
13. I owe you a fortune- may I take it out in paper cranes?

Перевод (для случаев, где по контексту неясно).
to take about- Поводить по достопримечательностям
to take across-перевести через
to take against-Невзлюбить (с самого начала, инстинктивно)
to take apart-1. Разбирать, "разложить по полочкам" 2.Раскритиковать, "заклевать"
to take back to- навевать воспоминания о
to take down-1.Разбираться (на части) 2. Разрушить (о здании).
to be taken for smth.- пострадать от кражи чего-л.
to take out in smth.-расплатиться чем-л. вместо денег.