For you,I believe You'll hear it from Heaven

Rain’s tear fell on marble gravestone –
Today the nature weeps with me.
Grief now’s dwelling in my soul,
And I’m possessed of being free.

You were my love, my world, my hope.
I realised it, when you’ve gone.
You vanished in the mantle of snow,
That winter made my life undone.

I see high pines, that stand around
Like guardians that keep your rest
And soothing rain, born by grey cloud,
And have the only one request:

Oh, if this endless pouring rain
Could wash away my acute pain!

Very beautiful poem...Very

Very beautiful poem...Very vivid...but sad. Sadness, grief and sorrow are emotions we all experience. You have finely realized how expressing your emotions with words can help in dealing with the pain. To give words to your deepest feelings, to shape your most painful emotions into verse, to release the pain locked in your heart; this is the true power of the poem. "I’m resurrecting when..." :) I’m reading such poem. Never stop :)
Всё на свете субъективно
Потому и жить противно. (Шутю)

понравилось. и

понравилось. и мраморное надгробие, может и смотрелось бы в переводе мрачно, но здесь - здОрово. спасибо.